tooti - food insight app

Provides instant food insight in an easy way

Why did we develop tooti?


It is hard to read and understand packaged food labels.



What tooti does?

The app delivers an easy and intuitive insight to packaged food.

tooti's advanced algorithm highlights packaged food’s nutrition and ingredients.

How does it work?

Login to tooti.

Scan packaged food's barcode.

Get insight about the food in your package.

Why use tooti?

tooti provides two ratings: One for nutrition and the other for ingredients.

Each rating is composed of strawberries. If you receive 5 strawberries, then the food is good for average health. If you receive less strawberries, please read the additional information provided by the app. If you receive five gray strawberry think twice.

tooti also features ingredients and nutrition facts that you may not be aware of.

*Disclaimer - Currently, tooti supports only USA products.

Food rating

Know at a glance
overall food's health score

Nutrition highlight!

tooti highlights a few nutritional facts.

Ingredient insight!

tooti emphasizes and details risky ingredients.

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